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Using a stethoscope, the artery most commonly used for taking a patient's pulse is a what? Ap_ _ _ l Apical
You've taken a patient's temperature and recorded it as 96.9F. Later, the physician asks you to convert this measurement to Celsius. Dividing 2.5 what is the patient temperature in Celsius? 36.1
What are the 4 steps of taking the vital signs? B/P, PR, Res, and Temp. Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate, Respiration and Temperature
Deltoid muscle is used to abduct and extend the what at the what? a _ _ , sh _ _ _ _ _r arm, shoulder
Plantar flexion is when pointing the toes which way? D____w____d Downward
Which heart valve is between the left atrium and the left ventricle? Bic_ _ _ _d Bicuspid
The knee is the site where to detect the popliteal what? pu_ __ _s pulse
Is height and weight part of the vital signs? NO
Cardiac output is the total amount of blood pumped out of the heart in how many minutes? One minute
Sublingual route is when administering a drug by placing it under the patient's what and leaving it there until it is dissolved? T _ __ _e tongue
What is the part of the prescription which contains the patient's name, address, date and the symbol Rx called? Su _ _ _scr_ _ _n Superscription
Barbituate is what kind of drug? sed_ _ _e Sedative drug
Codeine is an example of what kind of drug? Nar_ _ _c Ana _ _ _ic Narcotic Analgesic
How is Parenteral medications a common route administered? Inj_ _ _ _ _n Injection
A prefilled syringe is also known as what? Car_ _ _ _e Cartridge
Vastus lateralis muscles is commonly used for intramuscular injection in who? Inf_ _ _t Infant
The function of carrying oxygen from the lungs and to carry carbon dioxide from the tissues to the lungs is called what? Hemog_ __ _n Hemoglobin
Medication applied in patch form is called what? Tran_ _ _l Transdermal
The needle gauges usually used for intravenous injections what size number? 20-21
Hemostasis term refers to the stop of what? bl_ _ _ _g bleeding
Debridement Is the removal of dead tissue from a what? w_ _ _ _ d wound
A Probe is an instrument used to clear a what? blo_ _ _ _e blockage
If a patient has been nausea and vomiting, what is the most appropriate drug administration routes? re_ _ _l rectal route
A single order that is administered immediately and usually written fro emergencies is known as what? S_ _T order STAT order
Laceration is a jagged, open wound of the what? sk___n Skin
Created by: Luz Migna
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