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Tears of a Tiger

Stack #221618

barrier Retaining Wall
shabby Raggedy
made an inpatient Admitted
uncontrollable; willful Unruly
varieties of languages Dialects
taken away; taken back Revoked
related to a vehicle Vehichular
recovered one's health or strength Recuperated
a kind of comb designed for black hair Pick
one who can tell what others are thinking Psychic
first Initial
dances; balls Cotillions
heightened; improved Enhanced
thick; difficult to understand Dense
items for sale Commodities
inclined to not trust human motives; bitter Cynical
ends Concludes
prejudice; impartiality Bias
preconceived ideas of what certain people are like Stereotypes
people activley working for a cause, usaually political Activists
get rid of Eliminate
put into words Verbalize
evil; without morals Depraved
morally debased Corrupt
the state of getting progressively worse; decline Degeneration
unavoidable Inevitable
stopping Discontinuing
hang-ups Inhibitions
to attack; to pelt Bombard
something revealed,especially something surprising or enlightening Revelation
able to bounce back Resilient
a great damage Detriment
faulty; deserving of punishment Reprehensible
involving punishment Punitive
to be absorbed into a culuture; to blend in Assimilate
having substance; significant Substantial
dead Deceased
extreme extent Severity
Created by: etzlen
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