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30-Week Assessment

What are the two factors used to identify climate? Precipitation and temperature
What global winds belt do we live in? Prevailing westerlies
How does living near a large body of water(like Lake Michigan) affect a city's temperature and precipitation? In Whitehall, it is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, and we get more precipitation. Because of this we have a larger growing season for crops.
In which ocean does the El Nino occur? Is it a warm or cold shift in the current? Pacific Ocean; Warm
What is a monsoon? Where do they occur? Season wind that brings heavy rain. Occur in Asia, Australia, and Africa
What is the climate like in the desert? What is it like in the tropical rainforest? Desert-large daily temperature range, annual rainfall less than 25 cm Rainforest- small temperature range, annual rainfall of 200 cm
What are the three components of Milankovitch Theory, and how do they affect climate? Eccentricity-changes in the shape of the Earth's orbit Tilt- angle of tilt on our axis caries over time Precession- "wobble" like a spinning top
How do volcanic eruptions affect climate? Volcanic ash blocks sunlight, which leads to cooler temperature for 1-2 years
What greenhouse gas are climatologists(and the rest of us) worried about the most? Carbon dioxide
What actions can you take to reduce your impact on climate change? recycle, purchase/use less "stuff," eat less meat, drive less, use less electricity, turn down AC or heat, compost, eat local foods, etc.
What is urban heat island effect? In cites, all of the dark roads and building roofs absorb and re-radiate heat, which increases daytime summer air temperature
What percentage of the world's population lives on or near coastlines? 50%
Heat is transferred from the Sun to Earth, through the vacuum of space by what? Radiation
Heat is transferred through a fluid, such as ocean water or the air in our atmosphere by what? Convection
In a process known as adiabatic cooling, air is forced up the side of a mountain where it condenses and forms clouds. True
Violent thunderstorms that can create tornadoes are most likely to form during the _____ when cold, dry air from Canada meets warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico and forms a _______. spring; cold front
The strength of a tornado is measured on the ______ scale. Fujita
Hurricanes usually from in the late summer when ____, moist air over _______ oceans rise rapidly. warm; tropical
The most dangerous feature of a hurricane is a rising sea level with large waves, called a ______? storm surge
The best safety tip if you are in the forecasted path of a hurricane would be to take shelter in your basement. False; evacuate the area