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Immune System

AP Bio Ch. 43

Innate Immunity recognition of traits shared by broad ranges of pathogens, using a small set of receptors/ rapid response
Adaptive Immunity (vertebrates only) recognition of traits specific to particular pathogens, using a vast array of receptors/ slower resonse
Barrier Defenses: skin, mucous membranes, secretions
Internal Defenses: Phagocytic cells, Natural Killer Cells, antimicrobial proteins, inflammatory response
Humoral Response: Antibodies defend against infection in body fluids
Cell-mediated Response: cytotoxic cells defend against infection in body cells
neutrophils attracted by signals from infected tissues and then engulf and destroy the infecting pathogens
macrophages big eaters
dendritic cells stimulate adaptive immunity against pathogens they encounter and engulf
natural killer cells detect abnormal array of surface proteins characteristic of some virus-infected and cancerous cells
eosinophils defend against multicellular invaders, like parasitic worms
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