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8th Science CC 9.3

A Beka Book

Forecast To predict
Meteorologists make their forecasts based on the five most important properties of air: ___, ___, ___, ___ ___, and ___ ___. temperature, pressure, humidity, wind direction, wind speed
Thermometer Measures air's temperature
___ ___ use the expansion or contraction of a liquid in a thin tube to indicate the temperature Liquid thermometers
Maximum-minimum thermometer Meteorologists used this type of liquid thermometer to record the highest and lowest temperature of the day and night during a particular period
___ ___ thermometers used two thin strips of different metal, bound together to form a(n) ___ __ to tell temperature. Bimetallic strip, bimetallic strip
A(n) ___ thermometer records temperature changes over time. thermograph
___ ___ measure the effect of temperature on special electrical circuits. Electrical thermometers
Falling atmospheric pressure usually indicates ___ weather, while rising pressure usually indicates ___ weather. bad, good
Barometer Measures atmospheric pressure
Mercury barometer The oldest type of barometer
A(n) ___ ___ uses a flexible, airtight metal box to measure changes in pressure. aneroid barometer
A(n) ___ measures changes in air pressure over time. barograph
Bar A unit of pressure used in meteorology
Millibars Used to measure small changes in atmospheric pressure
Hygrometer Used to measure relative humidity
The difference in a hygrometer's two different temperature readings is called the ___-___ ___. wet-bulb depression
A(n) ___ ____ uses a strand of hair to measure relative humidity. hair hygrometer
Weather vane Indicates the direction of wind
Anemometer Measures wind speeds near the earth's surface
A(n) ___ has propellers mounted on the end of a weather vane. aerovane
Rain gauge Measures the amount of precipitation that fell
Automatic weather stations Allow atmospheric conditions to be monitored without a meteorologist on the sight
Transmissometer Measures visibility
Visibility The farthest distance at which objects can be distinguished
One important group of automatic weather stations, the ___ ___ ___ ___ (ASOS) is used extensively by the National Weather Service for weather forecasting. Automated Surface Observing System
One type of shelter, a(n) ___ ___, has slatted sides and a slatted base to allow air to freely flow through the boxlike shelter and reach the instruments inside. Stevenson screen
Radiosondes Instruments that simultaneously measure and transmit meteorological data from balloons to weather stations
Meteorologists often measure high-altitude weather conditions by attaching instruments to unmanned helium or hydrogen ___ ___. weather balloons
Sounding rockets Measure high altitude conditions
Ceilometer Used to measure the distance from the ground to the base of a cloud
Radar (RAdio Detection And Ranging) Uses radio waves to detect objects and measure their distance
A mesocyclone's development is revealed by a hook-like echo called a(n) ___ ___. hook echo
Doppler radar Can measure both precipitation and the speed and direction of winds
Weather satellite Tracks weather circles around the world and provides meteorologists with valuable information
Surface weather charts Maps that give a summary of the weather conditions throughout the entire country at a single point in time
Station model A group of numbers and symbols
Isobars ("lines of equal pressure") Curved lines used to represent the recorded air pressures
___ connect areas with equal air pressure. Isobars
a little random cutie card:) :) -__- ;) :p
Isotherms ("lines of equal heat") Connects stations that have the same temperature
Weather forecasts Predictions of what the weather will be like in the near future
Super computer Extremely powerful computer capable of rapidly performing complex calculations
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