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8th Science CC 9.2

A Beka Book

Hurricanes Intense low-pressure systems that develop in the Tropics
Hurricanes, in the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans, are called ___, while in the Philippines they are known as ___. typhoons, bagyos
Hurricanes require what two "ingredients" to form? A warm ocean and a region where the Coriolis effect is strong
Tropical cyclones Theses are what hurricanes and other rotating low-pressure systems are
Tropical disturbance What tropical cyclones form from
Once the winds began rotating, a tropical disturbance becomes a tropical what? A tropical cyclone
Tropical depression This forms when the rotating winds of a tropical cyclone have a sustained speed less than 39 miles an hour
Tropical storm A tropical depression with winds that reach 39 mph
A tropical storm becomes a hurricane if its winds reach __ miles per hour. 74
Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale The scale used to rank hurricane intensity
Eye The center of a hurricane
Eye wall The cylinder of thick whirling clouds and rain that surround the eye
Rain bands Long, narrow lines of thunderstorms
One of the most destructive forces of a hurricane is its ___. wind
Another danger of hurricanes is the ___ ___. storm surge
Storm surge Elevated water levels caused by the hurricane's winds pushing water ahead of the storm
In the Southern Hemisphere, the storm's ___ ___ causes the greatest winds and highest storm surge to the ___ of the eye's path. clockwise rotation, left
Hurricanes often causes significant ___ ___. inland flooding
When hurricane-force winds may strike withing 48 hours, meteorologists issue a(n) ___ ___. hurricane watch
When hurricane-force winds are expected within 36 hours, meteorologists issue a(n) ___ ___. hurricane warning
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