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Music Final

Music Appreciation Final FLVS

Moonlight Sonata was composed by Haydn False
In the classical period, composers sought to create what type of music ? more down to earth
Which composer is regarded as one of the world's greatest composers of all time? Bach
Who created the symphonic poem? Liszt
Duke Ellington wrote over 1,000 different compositions during his lifetime true
Which composer was a transitional figure between Renaissance music and Baroque music? Monteverdi
Almost all of the works of the Classical era included vocal parts. false
The instrumental suite is made up of what? Dances
Bach composed only secular works false
which composer experienced hearing loss during his lifetime? Beethoven
which part of the sonata form creates tension and drama? Development
What is an example of ornamentation? Trill
Which of the following occurred at around the same time as the Classical era? The age of reason
What was the first dance in a Baroque suite? Allemande
Who is an example of a Nationalist Romantic composer Tchaikovsky
Johann Strauss I pushed his son to become a composer and musician false
Programme music does what? tells a story
Choral symphonies add what to the traditional symphony? Singers
Much of jazz music after the 1940s is based, to some degree, on bebop true
King Oliver pioneered the use of what in jazz? mutes
What is true of bebop it featured frequent chord changes
The modern orchestra developed during the Baroque period true
Which composer worked for the Esterhazy family? Haydn
Chromaticism is the use of notes outside the scale that the music is using. true
During the Romantic period, composers often included elements from the folk music of their culture true
Mendelssohn was known as the “Waltz King.” false
Instruments were less reliable in the Romantic period than they had been during the Renaissance period. false
Chopin wrote the famous ballets The Nutcracker and The Sleeping Beauty. false
Mozart was best known for which of the following? memorable memories
Hot Five was the famous band of which musician Louis Armstrong
Modal jazz was much more popular than swing/big band music. false
Composers during the Baroque period where thought of as which of the following? Craftsmen
Who was known as the “Waltz King”? Strauss
What is the first part of the sonata form? Exposition
Classical Jazz is also called what? New Orleans style jazz
Jazz began where? New Orleans
A sonata form typically has what pattern in it? ABA
Opera seria puts a greater emphasis on the experienced and masterful singer true
Tchaikovsky wrote 1812 Overture true
A patron is what? An individual who supported a composer financially
What is a musical notation using numbers to indicate chords, intervals, and other aspects in relation to the bass note of the music? Figured bass
The word opera means what in Italian? work
The music of the Romantic period is all about what? Emotion
What aspect of instruments improved during the Romantic period? Valves
Which jazz musician is regarded as the most innovative. miles davis
The music of the Baroque period is the first to be among the musical pieces that people today are generally familiar with. true
Which composer was known as the “Father of the Symphony”? Haydn
Haydn’s work is known for what? musical humor
New Orleans was the birthplace of jazz true
Miles Davis was known for being a swing jazz musician false
Created by: HannahErin