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AJ6 Chp 8 - 9

Test 4 AJ6

According to a 2006 assessment of Emergency Plans by the DHS,what did 59% of the states NOT have in the wake of a major emergency. States did not have a COOP or COG plan aka Continuity of Operations and Continuity of Government plan
This agency replaced the American Red Cross as the agency in charge of coordinating the providing of food, first aid, and shelter to victims of a disaster. FEMA the Federal Emergency Management Agency
* What is FEMA's mission REDUCE loss of life and property, PROTECT the nation from all hazards,
True or False, FEMA is NOT a part of Homeland Security but stands as an independent department for emergency preparedness FALSE. FEMA became part of the DHS on March 1, 2003
This is a guide used in police operations detailing how the nation conducts responses to hazards (pg 293) The National Response Framework (NRF)
In speaking to the media, it is suggested that a statement be given within ___ hours of the crisis. Two
NIMS means? What is this? National Incident Management System; A comprehensive national approach to incident management as developed by DHS.
* What is the difference between Incident management and Emergency management Incident Management refers to how incidents are managed across all DHS activities. Emergency management refers to coordinating activities to prepare for and protect against disasters.
What is the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) considered the PULSE of the government response to an emergency. the location from which personal operate during a natural disaster or emergency.
* What is the difference between the Incident Command Center and the Emergency Operations Center The ICC is a physical location that administers the ON SCENE incident command, and everyone has a role. The EOC is a physical location positioned separately from the ICC that supports the on scene team with external coordination. Can be mobile.
What is it called to file a false police report via the Internet to get emergency deployment of a SWAT team to a residence for a reported serious threat? Swatting
* What are the 4 phases of an Emergency? 1. The Warning, 2. The Impact, 3. The Immediate Reaction after the impact, 4. The Delayed Response
What are the Guidelines for Dealing with an Emergency before, during, and after Before - Be Prepared, During - Take time to assess/Keep communication open, After - Evaluate and Get Back to Normal ASAP. (Note PTSD and CISD)
CISD Critical Incident Stress Debriefing. Officers who experience a critical incident are brought together as a group for psychological debriefing.
According to the ATF, what are the TOP 3 motivating Factors for Bombings? Vandalism, Revenge, and Protest
The policy of most departments when dealing with a suspected bomb is ..... DO NOT TOUCH!
What is a Pandemic An infectious disease that occurs over a large geographic area and affects a high portion of the population
* What are two major problems during disasters Lack communication and lack of coordination
Define Terrorism The unlawful use of force and violence to intimidate or coerce the government, the people or any segment thereof in furtherence of a political or social objective.
Name the two types of terrorism Domestic or International
Estimative language Language based on analytical assessments rather than facts or hard evidence
Name the four of the listed five types of Domestic Terrorist groups within the United States Right Wing (KKK), Left Wing (Rich are bad), Pro-Life, Animal Rights, and Environmental
These people believe that the original citizens of the US were free from government control and that the laws of the country do not apply to them because the laws are illegal Sovereign Citizens
This type of terrorism is aimed at inflicting economic damage on those who profit from the destruction of the natural environment Ecoterrorism
This is the name for a war in which the weaker opponent takes on the stronger opponent by refusing to confront directly or adhere to proscribed Rules of Engagement. Asymmetric War
The acronym CBR includes all potential terrorists threats that can impact the health of large numbers of people. C-Chemical, B-Biological, R -Nuclear
Which type of terrorists do the FBI consider to be the No. 1 domestic terror threat? Ecoterrorist
This type of terrorism involves using viruses, toxins, or fungi (ex anthrax or smallpox) as weapons of mass destruction Bioterrorism
A subset of Bioterrorism is __________ which is the intentional release of animal or plant toxins to generate widespread public fear. Agroterrorism
What are the 4 common types of chemical weapons Nerve agents, Blood agents, Choking agents and Blistering agents.
Cyberterrorism is... The use of high technology to disable or delete critical data or information to promote a religious or political ideology.
What is a "Soft Target"? Locations not significantly fortified or guarded
What is the 5 point mission of the DHS 1. Prevent Terrorism, 2. Secure the Borders, 3. Enforce Immigration Laws, 4. Safeguard Cyberspace, 5. Ensure resiliance to disasters
What did the Patriot Act do to improve the Nations counter-terrorism efforts Facilitated information sharing, Increased penalties for those who commit/support terrorism, Allows to use laws directed to organized crime and drug trafficking towards terrorism, update laws regarding new technologies.
Fusion Center manages and facilitates the flow of information and intelligence across all levels of government and private industry
What are the three stages of Terrorist attacks? 1. Research, 2. Planning, 3. Execution
Three obstacles to intelligence effectiveness are... Political, Ethical and Technological
What is meant by "working in silos" aka Stovepiping The concept of NOT sharing intelligence information
According to the Police Executive Research Forum, what guidelines should the patrol level officer follow when encountering a suicide bomber? 1. DO NOT MOVE, 2. Have shooters ready to act, 3. Do not ease yor guard when compliance is presumed.
What major impact did the Law Enforcement Officers Act of 2004 for police officers? It allowed for off duty and qualified retired officers the right to carry a concealed weapon across the U.S. regardless of stat law.
What is the Terrorist Screening Center The TSC maintains the governments terrorist watch list
VBIED Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (aka Car Bomb)
What lessons were learned from the Mumbai incident? Key to stopping terrorist is prevention and deterrence, Be prepared to fight NOW!
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