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JC Set B

Peer Gynt

Define suite? A collection of dances originally composed for a ballet/play which a composer rearranges for performance in concert setting.
Give the full title of this set work? Peer Gynt Suite No. 1
Name the composer ? Edvard Grieg
What is incidental music? Music that is played before nd between the acts of a play
Why was Grieg known as a nationalist composer? He used the folk music of his native country (Norway) in his compositions.
What 'kind' of music is this? Programme Music
What was the name of the playwright who asked Grieg to compose music for his play? Ibsen
Name the key, time signature, tempo of ' Morning"? E major , 6/8, Allegretto Pastorale (fairly fast)
Name the mood, form and texture of 'Morning' Peaceful, Ternary ABA1 Coda, homophonic
What is a coda? The final section in a peace of music
Who plays the melody for morning initially? The flute plays it first accompanied by ww.
Who plays the melody for morning after the flute? The oboe (an 8ve lower) and its accompanied by strings.
What group of instruments later takes up the melody? The strings, play in unison (f)
What musical feature is heard at the end of the A section? A rising sequence.
Describe the music of the B section of 'Morning'? The cello plays a contrasting tune, lots of sudden changes from p to f.
What brass instrument comes in at the end of the B section? Horn, anticipates opening tune but in the key of F major.
Who plays the opening melody in the A1 section? Cellos, oboes, bassoons.
Describe the accompaniment? Busy semiquavers on strings
Who plays the opening tune in the coda? Violins, incomplete fragments of the melody are shared between a number of instruments
What musical feature is heard on the flute representing birdsong? Trills
Describe the last chord of 'Morning'? Emajor, tonic chord played very softly (pp)
Define poco rit? Slowing down a little
Define trill? Ornamentation of a melody note
How does Grieg convey the Eastern effect of Anitras Dance? Uses muted strings and triangle.
State the key, time siganture and tempo of Anitras Dance? A minor, 3/4, Very fast in the style of a mazurka.
State the mood, form and texture of Anitras Dance? Exotic, Ternary ABA1 and homophonic.
What is a mazurka? A Polish dance in 3/4 time. It has an accent of the 2nd beat of the bar.
What does the opening of Anitras dance sound like? (Section A) Very soft chords played by strings with a roll on triangle.
Describe the string accompaniment? A pizzicato waltz like accompaniment
Define con sordini? With mutes (makes violins sound softer)
What does Section B sound like? A graceful melody played in 3rds on violins using the bow (arco). They also play a falling melody alternating between pizzicato and arco.All repeated at a higher pitch.
Describe the music of A1? In key of D major. (sounds brighter in major key) Opening waltz rhythm returns.
How does the piece end? As it began, in key of A minor with a very soft chord in the strings and a triangle roll.
Name the key, time signature and tempo of " In the hall of the mountain king"? B minor, 4/4, Quickly in a march style.
Name the mood, form and texture of it? Mysterious/exciting, variations on a melodic ostinato, homophonic
What instrument is first heard? The horn playing a long held note pp.
Who plays the ostinato the 1st time? Cello and Dbl bass.
What ww instrument plays it next? Bassoon
What instrumental technique is used later on? Pizzicato on violins.
What other ww instruments play the tune later? Oboes and clarinets.
Define stringendo al fine? Music gets faster to the end.
What shrill sounding ww instrument joins in later? Picccolo
What does the timapani play at the end? A roll
What dynamics are heard at the end? fff
How many times is the ostinato heard? 18 times
What intervals are important in this section? 5ths and 8ves. The cellos and double bases play the obstinate a 5th above the original melody. The violins play the obstinate 2 8ves higher later on.
Do the violins play a swirling figure on or off the beat? off the beat
Name some percussion instruments that come in towards the end? Cymbals, bass drum
Do the cymbals play on or off the beat? off the beat
What is ' the song' for Morning? Beautiful melody, morning is here, key of E and played by flue and oboe and the strings too
What is the song for 'Anitras Dance'? Triangle and strings, Anitra's dance the key is a minor .
What is the song for 'In the hall of the mountain king'? Ostinato is used in, the hall of, mountain king, b minor in 4 4 time repeated 18 times.
Created by: goneill
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