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Jeopardy Asia

Which one is a renewable energy resource: wind, coal, uranium, or natural gases? wind
What is the main cause of the shrinking of the aral sea? The increased use of rivers flowing into the sea for irrigation.
Why is oil considered a nonrenewable resource? It takes millions of years to form.
What is the most important form of land use in SW/Central Asia? commercial farming
What best describes how oil is distributed throught the countries in SW Asia? Some countries have far more oil than others
What aspect of the SITE of Constantinople helped the city withstand many attacks? It was surrounded on three sides by water
What crop has contributed most to the creation of a new desert in the Aral Sea region? cotton
What two resources shape economic activity in Southwest/Central Asia? petroleum and water
Southwest/Central Asia is the birthplace of what three major world religions? Isalm, judaism, christianity
What forces slowly turn the remains of plants and animals into oil? underground heat pressure
Where does the capital city of Ankara rank in Turkey’s urban hierarchy? near the top
water stress is best defined as what? a long term shortage of water
Most people in Southwest/Central Asia follow what religion? Islam
Which of the following is true of MOST primate cities? A. They are located on bodies of water B. They are many thousands of years old C. They are poor compared to other cities D. They are limited to developed countries A
A SW Asian country that spends much of its oil earnings on education and healthcare is most likely to have which of the following? A. A high HDI ranking B. A low life expectancy C. A large rural population D. A small per capita GDP A
The Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, and Blue Mosque all reflect Turkey’s _______. history and culture
What happens to water when salinization occurs? it becomes to salty
Name one thing that is likely to draw someone from a rural area to a primate city to live. job opportunities
Name the top 5 oil-rich countries in the world. Saudia Arabia, Iraq, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait, Iran
Name one major goal of OPEC. • To keep oil prices steady – not too high or too low
Which of these is a major difference between Istanbul land Ankara? A. Ankara has more people B. Istanbul attracts more tourists C. Istanbul is a much younger city D. Ankara attracts more seagoing trade B
How did salinization affect fish in the Aral Sea? Many species of fish died out completely.
What can farmers living around the Aral Sea do to help repair the environmental degradation of the sea itself? plant less thristy crops
Which of the following is the most likely result of environmental degradation? A. Extreme weather conditions B. Land use conflict C. Loss of biodiversity D. Spread of nuclear radiation C
what body of water borders asia to the west? red sea
what body of water borders asia to the south? arabian sea
what body of water borders asia to the NW? mediteraneann sea
highest population? pakistan
wealthiest? saudia arabia
lowest elevation? 413 meters
fertile river system metopasmia
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