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Human Geo

What is monotheism? worshiping 1 God
Who did the Jewish people believe made a covenant with God? Abraham
Why do they break a wine glass at Jewish weddings? To remember the temples that were destroyed in Jerusalem
What is the holy book of Judaism? Torah
What foods are considered Kosher for Jewish people? All fruits and vegetables, meat from cows and sheep, store bought food with kosher symbols
What foods are not kosher (they can't eat them)for Jewish people? pork, rabbit, meat and dairy cannot be eaten at the same time
What are the main things that Jewish people believe? There is 1 god, God made a covenant with Abraham, there is a Messiah coming to save the Jewish people but has not come yet
What is the Jewish place of worship called? Synagogue
What is the Jewish spiritual leader called? Rabbi
What are the Jewish holy days called? Sabbath
What is the Jewish day called that marks the passage from childhood to adulthood for a boy? Bar Mitzvah
What is the Jewish Holiday called that celebrated the end of being slaves to Egyptians? Passover
Where did the Hebrews go to to escape the famine? Egypt
What tribe did Jews get their name from? Judah
Who was the king that was supposed to come and save the Jewish people? Messiah
Who is the founder of Judaism? Abraham
How are Judaism and Christianity similar? The belief in the Messiah, importance of the 10 commandments, both monotheistic
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