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Animal Kingdom


Sessile No Movement
Sedentary Animals that move very little are said to be.....
Zygote What we call the fertilized egg.
Cleavage The zygote goes through rapid cell division called....
Blastula A hollow ball of cells created through the process of cleavage.
Asymmetry Occurs when the body can't be divided into similar sections.
Radial symmetry Occurs when body parts are arranged around a central point like spokes on a wheel. Many lines of symmetry.
Bilateral Symmetry Occurs when animals can be divided into equal halves along a single plane. Only ONE line of symmetry.
Acoelomate Does NOT have a body cavity.
Pseudocoelomate Animal has a body cavity that is NOT fully lined with mesoderm.
Coelomate Animal has a true body cavity that is fully lined with mesoderm.
Cellular Level When does life begin.
Gastrovascular Cavity Digestive system with one opening. Called a two-way digestive system.
Digestive Tract A one-way digestive system with a mouth and an anus.
Circulatory System Functions is to transport oxygen and nutrients to cells. Also responsible for carrying away wastes and carbon dioxide from cells.
Open Circulation System Blood is pumped out of blood vessels to bathe tissues in the body cavity.
Closed Circulation System Blood remains inside blood vessels until it reaches cells.
Exoskeleton Skeleton on the outside of the body made out of Chitin.
Endoskeleton Skeleton on the inside of the body and made out of bone, cartilage, or both.
Hydrostatic Skeleton A fluid-filled internal cavity providing support.
Parthenogenesis Females of some animals produce eggs, but the eggs develop without being fertilized.
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