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JC Set B

Hoe Down

Give the full title of this set work? Hoe Down from 'Rodeo'
Name the composer? Aaron Copland
Define orchestral suite? Music composed for a ballet and intended for performance in a concert setting.
What 'kind' of music is this? Programme music
What type of atmosphere is set in intro? One of excitement
How is this atmosphere conveyed throught the music? Sounds like musicians tuning up for the dance. A catchy rhythm played on piano ,woodblock, bassoons and strings is heard.
What is the main tune called? Bonyparte
What kind of a dance is it? A square dance.
How many parts does it have? 2
Describe the music of part 1? A square dance played on strings, ww, trumpet xylophone. Loud dynamic, uses triplets, accents, lots of semiquavers, lots of step mvt .
Describe the music of part 2.? Violin, ob, cl. Smoother rhythm, still uses semiquavers and accents, softer dynamic later on- mf/mp
What does faff mean? Forte fortissimo- Very very loud.
Where do we hear this dynamic? When tutti play Bonaparte section 2.
What does 8va mean? Play an 8ve higher.
Define square dance? An American dance in duple time. The dancers move in a square instead of a circle.
Describe the music of Mc Leods Reel? Played on trumpets and strings, accompanied by snare drum playing off beat rhythms. Opens with an 8ve leap, uses staccato
What key is Mc Leods Reel?How is this related to the original key? G major, its the subdominant of D major (4 notes up from D)
How many parts to Mc Leods reel? 2
Describe the music of part 2? Played on violin cl, ob, played legato (smoothly)
What rhythmic feature is heard after Mc Leods reel? Syncopated figure.
Describe the music of the link section? Rhythms heard in intro return. Descending figure on trombone and horn, It gets slower and slower- Molto Rit
Define rubato? Robbed time. A slight change in the regular beatintroduced by the performer for the purpose of expression.
Name the key of this piece? D major
Name the time signature? 2/4
Is this duple, triple or quadruple? Duple
Name the tempo? Allegro
Name the mood? Exciting
State the form? Intro A B Link A
State the texture? Homophonic
Define sf? Sforzando- play with force
Define pizzicato? Pluck a stringed instrument
Define triplets? 3 notes played in the time of 2
Created by: goneill