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Bio Midterm 2

Env of early tetrapods -same time animals were "invading the land" -mainly gymnosperms (water dependent) -swamp habitats and very food rich
evolution of tetrapods -lungfish with fins were ancestors -pectoral and pelvic find homologous to fore- & hind- limbs -lungfish are sister group to tetrapods bc dna evidence
tiktaalik and acanthostega -found in cold regions -lived in tropical warm climates -fossils moved with tectonic plates
genius tiktaalik -around 375 m.y.a -"fishpod" -between fish & tetrapod (characteristics of both groups)
tiktaalik trais 1. primitive neck -allowed head movement 2. forelimb bones 3. had pelvic girdle but not good 4. had ribs
genius acanthostega -lived around 360 mya -mainly aquatic but first tetrapod -well developed pelvic and pectoral girdles
acanthostega habitat -benthic organism on bottom of pools -able to come on land and crawl
traits of acanthostega 1. well developed muscular laterally compressed tail 2. well-developed gills 3. relatively well developed legs (weight bearing) 4. had toes 5. weak ribs and small lungs
Exaptation -an organism possesses a trait that was used for one purpose, but happened to be useful for other purposes -suggests teleology but NO!
exaltation examples 1. evolution of tetrapods (legs evolved first before tetrapods moved to land) 2. feathers(originally used for insulation but now used for flight
homologous -similar position, structure, and evolutionary origin, but not same function
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