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Health Promotion #2

Healthy Children

Question or TermAnswer or Definition
Newborn age First 28 days
Infant age 1 month (4wks) to 1 yr
Erikson stage for infant Trust vs mistrust
Birthweight at 6 months Doubles the weight of the infants birthweight
Birthweight at 1 year Triples the weight of the infants birthweight
Age for grasp attempts 3 months
Age for shape hand for object 6 months
Age for pincer grasp 9 months
Age for wrist action 2 years
Age for lift head and chest 2 months
Age for recliner 0-3 months
Age for sitter (roll over) 3-6 months
Age for sit for short time (leans) 6 months
Age for bouncer or crawler and everything goes in mouth 6-9 months
Age for crawling 8-9 months
Age for cruiser or walker (furniture), clings to mom, and entertain self (solitary) 9-12 months
What the reflex for infants? Plantar grasp, palmar grasp, babinski, sucking, rooting, trunk incurvation, tonic neck, and tongue extrusion reflexes
Age for repetitive sounds, babbling 3-4 months
Age for mama or dada 7-8 months
Age for specific sounds for objects 9-10 months
Age for first words 10-13 months
How do infants play? Caregiver and baby
What is "en face"? Place face-to-face with an adult, infant will mimic the facial expression
Age for separation of anxiety 6 months
How much sleep for infants? 10-16 hours
How many wet and dirty diapers per day? 6-10 diapers/day
First's exam for newborn With 72 hours of birth (Head to toe)
Primary teeth (baby) 5-7 months
~ Eruptive teeth 6 months
When should they go the Dentist? 1 year
Common cause of injury/death in infants Accidental injury
Vehicle safety precautions for infants Proper restraints for car seats, No front seat because of air bags
What are other infant safety to be aware of? Choking, falls, suffocation, hypoxia/apneic spells, SIDS, poisoning, cuts, drowning
What age can an infant be placed on cow's milk? 1 year (Low fat milk should not given)
What age can an infant be introduced to solid foods? 6 months to 1 year (gradually)
What are the food hazards for infants? nuts, candy, solid food, and honey (<2yrs)
Created by: blancarosag06