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Ability of organism to mold itself is known as.. Plasticity
External Morphology Morphology
Group of cells with common function Tissue
Organ Several Organs carrying a particular function
Three basic parts of plant organs... Roots, Stems, and Leaves
Two plant systems... Root System and Shoot System
Anchors a vascular plant (typically in the soil) Root
Eudicots and gymnosperms generally have: Taproot System
Seedless Vascular Plants generally have: Fibrous Vascular System
Plant that grows in the unusual location is known as... Adventitious
Plants including sweet potatoes have roots which store nutrients which are also known as... Storage Roots
Plant organ that consists of an alternating system of nodes is known as.. Stem
Terminal Bud: Consist of leaves
Modified stems mistaken as roots include: Rhizomes, tubers, stolons, and bulbs
Has single undivided blade: Simple Leaf
Consists of multiple leaflets with axillary bud on the base: Compound Leaf
Cacti Leaf is known as... Spine
Leafs designed to store water: Storage Leafs
Brightly Colored Leafs... Bracts
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