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NSG prefix, suffix

Prefixes, suffixes by lilk8tob

a-, an- no, not without
ab- away from
ad- toward
aero- air
ambi- both or both sides, around about
aniso- unequal
ante-, pre-, pro- before
anti-, contra- against
bi-, di-, diplo- two
brady- slow
cyano- blue
de- down, from, revision or removing, take away
dia- through
dys- bad, difficulty
ecto-, ex-, xo- out, without, away from
en-, endo- inside
api- above, upon
erythro- red
eu- normal, good, easy
extra- outside, addition, beyond
hemi-, semi- half, partly
hemo- blood
hetero- different
homo- same
hydro- water
hpyer- excessive or abnormally high
hypo- beneath, below normal, less than or under
in- not, in, inside, or within
infra- below, under, inferior, beneath, after
inter- between
intra- within
ipsi- same
iso- equal, same
lip- fat
macro-, megalo- large, enlarged
mal- bad
melano- black
meso- middle
micro- small
mono-, uni- one, single
multi-, poly- many, much
nulli- none
pan- all, every
para- near, beside, abnormal
per- through, by
peri- around
post- after, behind
primi- first
py(o)- pus
quad-, quadri-, tetra- four
retro- behind, backward
sub- under, below
super-, supra- above, beyond
tachy- fast
trans- across
tri- three
ultra- beyond, excess
uni- one
-able, -ible, -ac, -al, -ar, -ary, -eal capable of
-algia pain
-ase enzyme
-cele hernia
-centesis surgical puncture
-cidal killing
-crine secrete
-ectasia, -ectasis dilation, stretching
-ectomy excision
-edema swelling
-emia blood
-emesis vomiting
-genic produced by or produced in
-gram a ercord
-graph recording instrument
-graphy process or recording
-ia, -iasis condition
-ic, -ive, -tic pertaining to
-iac one who suffers
-ism condition or theory
-ist one who
-itis inflammation
-ium membrane
-kinesia, -kinesis movement, motion
-lepsy seizure
-logist one who studies, specialist
-logy study of, science of
-ly act or process or condition
-lysis, -lysin, -lytic dissolving, destruction, freeing
-malacia softening
-maina excessive preoccupation
-megaly large or enlarged
-meter instrument used to measure
-metry process of measuring
-oid resembling
-ole little
-oma tumor
-opia vision
-orexia appetite
-ose sugar
-osis condition
-ous pertaining to or characterized by
-pathy disease
-para female who has given birth
-penia deficiency
-pepsia digestion
-pexy surgical fixation
--phagia, -phagic, -phagy eating, swallowing
-phasia speech
-phibia abnormal fear
-plasty surgical repair
-pnea breathing
-plegia paralysis
-ptosis sagging, prolapse
-rrhage, -orrhagia excessive bleeding
-rrhaphy suture
-rrhea discharge
-rrhexis rupture
-schisis split, cleft
-sclerosis hard, hardening
-scope instrument used for viewing
-scopy process of visually examining
-spasm twitching, cramp
-stasis stopping, controlling
-stomy formation of an opening
-tome instrument used for cutting
-tomy incision
-tripsy surgical cushing
-trophic, -trophy nutrition, development
-uria urine or urination
-y condition, procedure
Created by: lilk8tob