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Medical Terms Roots

Medical Terms Roots (From Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and )

asthen weak
cente- to puncture (a body cavity)
chol- bile
chondr- cartilage
cili- eyelid
cleid(o)- clavicle
cubitus elbow
cyst- bladder
cyt- cell
ede- swelling
enter- intestine
gest- carry, produce, congestion
-gram something written or recorded
idi- separate, distinct
medi- middle
melan- black
men- month
myel- marrow or spinal cord
my- muscle
pleur- rib, side
pto- fall
ptyal- saliva
pur-, py- pus
sept- wall, divider; also seven
serum the clear portion of body fluids, including blood
sinus cavity, channel or hollow space
som(a)- body
tact- touch
tom- cut
trich- hair
varic- varicose vein
abdomin- abdomen
acou- hear
aden- gland
adip- fat
alb- white
alges- pain
andr- male
angi- vessel
aorta large artery exiting from the left ventricle of the heart
aqua- water
arteri- artery
arthr- joint
asphyxia lack of oxygen or excess of carbon dioxide in the body that results in unconsciousness
audi- to hear
bi- life; also two
bronch- windpipe
bucc- cheek
bursa pouch or sac
callus hard, thick skin; also a meshwork of connective tissue that forms during the healing process after a fracture
carcin- cancer
cardi- heart
carotid great arteries of the neck
carpus wrist
cent- a fraction in the metric system: one hundredth or 100
cephal- head
cervic- neck
cyan- blue
cycl- circle or cycle
derm(at)- skin
digit finger or toe
erythr- red
esthe- sensation or perception
febr- fever
flex bend
foramen opening
fract- break
gastr- stomach
glyc(y)- sweet
gno- know
graph- write, record
gyn(ec)- female
hem(at)- blood
hepat(ic)- liver
heter- other, different
hom- the same
humerus the bone in the upper arm
hydr- water
iod(o)- iodine
Iact- milk
leuk- white
lingu- tongue
mal- abnormal
mega- large
mening- membrane, usually refers to the meninges
nephr- kidney
neur- nerve
ocul- eye
ophthalm- eye
ost(e)- bone
ot- ear
ov- egg
palpate to examine by touch
path- disease
ped- child or foot
percuss to examine by striking
phag- eat
pharyng- throat
phot- light
pneum(at)- breath
pneumo(n)- lung
pod- foot
pseud- false
psych- mind
pyr- fire-
quadr, quar-, quat- four
radius the forearm bone on the thumb side; also a line from the center of a circle or sphere to the edge
ren- kidney
retina inner nerve-containing layer of the eye
rhin- nose
sangui(n)- blood
scler- hard
sebum a fatty secretion of the sebaceous glands
sect- cut
sepsis the presence of microorganisms or their toxins in the blood; also the toxic condition caused by such presence
spir- coil
stasis slowing or stopping of the normal flow of a fluid, such as blood
stature height
stern(o)- sternum (breastbone)
stoma any small opening on the surface of the body, such as a pore; also, the opening created in the abdominal wall for the passage of urine or feces
tach(y)- rapid
tetra- four
thorac- chest
toxic poisonous
ur- urine
vas- vessel
vertigo a disordered sensation in which one's own body or the surroundings are perceived as moving
viscer- internal organs
viscous sticky
xen- foreign (material)
xer- dry
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