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chapter 51 male quiz

male reproductive system quiz

scrotum a pouch of skin outside of the body that keeps the testes close or far from the body at an optimal temperature for sperm development (usually 3 degrees lower than normal body temperature)
testes suspended outside the abdominal cavity by the scrotum and contains tubules in which sperm are produced
seminiferous tubules inside each testes and are where sperm are produced by meiosis; about 250 meters (850 feet) of tubules are packed into each testes
epididymis a tube that extends from the seminiferous tubules to the vas deferens; located outside and on top of the testes; secretes about 5% of the seminal fluid
vas deferens sperm duct which is one of the passageways of tubes the sperm travel through and connects to a short ejaculatory duct
seminal vesicles glands which secrete about 30% of seminal fluid and add fructose and to sperm as they pass
prostate gland secretes a milky alkaline fluid which composes about 60% of seminal fluid; is a donut shape
ejaculatory duct located in the prostate and connects to the vas deferens (sperm duct) to the urethra, temporary sperm storage before release though urethra
urethra passes through the penis and opens to the outside; carries semen and urine to the outside of the body (not all at the same time)
bulbourethral gland secretes a mucus- like fluid that provides lubrication for intercourse, composes about 5% of seminal fluid
follicle- stimulation hormone (brain) which stimulates development and maturation of sperm cells in the testes
luteinizing hormone brain-- stimulates cells in the seminiferous tubules (testes) to secrete testosterone
testosterone has a role in sperm production and developing male secondary sex characteristics (beard, deep voice, male musculature, public and axillary hair)
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