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chapter 21-23

golan heights a hilly platue overlooking the jordan river and the sea of galilee
wadi a riverbed that remains dry except during the rainy season
tigris river one of the most important rivers in south asia
euphrates river a river of southwest asia
jordan river a river that serves as a natural boundary between iseral and jordan.
dead sea a landlock salt lake between iserial and jordan
rub al-khali also known as the empty quarter,one of the largest sandy deserts in the world.
oasis a place where water from an aquife has reached the surface.
salt flat flat land made of chemical salts that remain after winds evaporate the moisture.
drip irrigation the practice of using small pipes thst slowley drips water from above ground.
desalinization the removeal of salt from the ocean water.
fossil water water pumped from underground aquifers.
crude oil pertroleum that has not been processed.
refinery a place were crude oil is converted into useful products.
mecca the holiest city of islam,located in saudi arabia.
islam a monothesis religion based on the teachings of muuhammad.
muhammad the founder and prophet of islam.
mosque an islamic place to worship, were muslums pray.
theocratic a form of governmen in which religiouse leaders control the government.
opec the organization of petroleum exportong countries.
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