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Lexicology #9

arthro joint
ventri belly
dors back
macro large
dextro right or clockwise
brachy short
tox poison
sect cut
zygo yoke
zym ferment
tropo turn
gastro stomach
dactylo finger
kin motion
phylo kind
blasto embryo
brachio arm
phag eat
brachio arm
-a plural
para beside or near
val worth
vol will
rhiz root
dom rule
erg work
labor work
frat brother
troph nourishment
trich hair
taxis arrangement
som body
mort death
rhodo rose
hippo horse
schizo divide
sapro rotten
sta stop
spor seed
pod foot
pleo more
phor carry
phyll leaf
dys bad
andro man
emia blood
hemo blood
idio peculiar
erythro red
enter intestine
form shape
sequ follow
glyc sweet
exo out
fil thread
chrom color
leuko white
alb white
lys breakdown
meso middle
ultima last
infra beneath
vac empty
myo muscle
gress step
mem remember
milli thousandth
phyt plant
patho disease
tude state of
ose sugar
oligo few
osis condition
soror sister
eco house
ar relating to
iso equal
a not
fic make
cant sing
ase enzyme
nounce tell
curs run
cad fall
platy flat
theo god
fid faith
hedron sided object
ous full of
ambul walk
topo place
ped foot or child
carn flesh
sol alone
psych soul
crypt hidden
path feeling
jus law
epi on
diplo double
co together
phile love
gyn women
surg rise
apo away or up
loqu talk
Created by: monica.reyna