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Letter S Med.

Letter S Med

S sacral
S&A sugar and acetone
_ s, w/o without
SA sino atrial
sc,SC subcutaneous
SGOT,SGPT transaminase test
SICU surgical intensive care unit
SIDS sudden infant death syndrome
Sig give the following directions
sm small
SOB short of breath
sol solution
sos if necessary
spec specimen
SpG,spgr specific gravity
SPN student practical nurse
spt spirits, liquor
__ ss one half
S/S, S&S signs and symptoms
SSE soap solution enema
staph staphylococcus infection
stat immediately, at once
STD sexually transmitted disease
STH somatotropic hormone
strep streptococcus infection
supp suppository
Surg surgery,surgical
susp suspension
Sx symptom,sign
syp syrup
Created by: shelwoo