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* Cook - Reading Ele

* Cook - Reading Elements

Antagoinist A charcter in force with a main character or protagonist
Autobiography A story of the writers own life told by the writer
Biography A form of non fiction in which a writer tells a story about another person
Character A person or an animal that takes part in a story
Climax A high point in the action of the plot
Conflict Struggle between opposing forces
Dialect A form of language spoken by people
Dialogue a conversation between two or more characters
Drama A story made to be preformed by actors
Exposition This is a part that introduces characters
External Conflict When a charcter struggles against a force
Fable A brief story or poem
Fantasy A highly imanginative writing that contains elements not in real life
Fiction A not true story something that can't be proven
Folk Tale A story composed orally and then passed down to generations by mouth
Foreshawdoing An authors use of clues to tell whats going to happen later on in the book
Genre A division type of literature
Haiku A three line Japanesse verse form when the first and third lines is 5 syllables and the second line is 7 syllables
Hero/Heroine A charcters whos actions are inspiring
Historical Fiction Real events, places, or people are incorporated in a fictional made up story
Internal Conflict A place within the mind of a character
Irony A contradiction between what happens and what is expected
Legend A widley told story about the past
Main Character The main person in a story
Metaphor A figure of speech in which something is described as though it were something else
Mood A feeling created in the reader
Moral A lesson taught by literary work
Motive A reason that explains a characters thoughts or feelings
Myth A fictional tale that explains the actions of gods or heros or the origins of elements of nature
Narrative A story that can be fiction or non fiction
Non Fiction A story that is true and can be proven
Onomatopoeia A use of words that imitate sounds
Oral Tradition The passing of stories, songs, and poems from generation to gerneration by mouth
Personification A type of figurtiave language
Perspective The way a guy or girl sees things
Plot The sequence of events in which each event results from a previous one and causes the next
Point of View The perspective or the vantage point
Protagonist The main character in literary work
Resolution The outcome of the conflict in the plot
Science Fiction Combines Science fanatsy and fiction
Sensory Language Writing or speech that appeals to one or more of the five senses
Simile A figure of speech that uses like or as
Symbolism The use of symbols
Theme A central message, concern, or purpose in literary work
Tone The writers attitude toward the writing
Created by: kcook