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PowerSpeak Latin

PowerSpeak Latin Vocabulary Words- 3rd Quarter

dark, shadowy tenebrosa
ships naves
town oppidum
passed, went by transierunt
called vocatus
customs, traditions moribus
story fabula
few pauci
waged, carried on gesserant
opened aperuerant
was prospering prosperabat
wise sapiens
welfare beneficio
hungry esuriens
full plenus
common sense prudential
heir heredes
priestess sacerdotulam
to give birth partruire
fireplace foci
most revered augustissima
burned out exusit
chastity pudicitia
bedroom cubiculum
buried sepulvit
tears lacrimas
touched tetigit
lived a life vitam egit
rights iura
ordered iussut
to become fieri
very cruel crudellima
removed remota
pay a penalty poenam daret
bed lectum
disgrace dedecorum
to have surrendered dedisse
living viventem
believed crediderunt
basket cophinum
flood diluviam
current cursum
riverbank ripam
she-wolf lupa
cubs catulos
robbers latronibus
by an ambush insidiis
shepherd pastor
ancestry prosapiae
unknowing ignoscere
enchained invinvulatus
judgement iudicium
had gathered around circumvenerat
danger periculum
driven pulsus
age aetate
right dextram
left sinestram
empty vacuum
crimes criminal
hills colles
older senior
choice optionem
entrusted mandaverunt
livers iecoribus
agreed assentiverunt
at once statim
to smile upon annuere
blows plagis
plow arario
type generis
directed direxerunt
guard praesidio
rods virges
to impose imponere
enough satis
runaway fugitivi
husband sponsi
unsuitable inhabilem
humble humiles
Created by: amoespanol08