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5 Good Emperors

Who suspended the maiestas? Nerva
What was the maiestas? treason law
Trajan was the governor of what region before his reign? Upper Germany
Trajan was from what country? Spain
What was Trajan's title when he was governor of Upper Germany? Germanicus
What was the alimenta? Public assistance for freeborn children
What title did Trajan give himself? Optimus Princeps
What was the name of the king that defeated Trajan at Tapae? Decebalus
What title did Trajan receive after defeating Dacia? Dacius
What did Trajan call Sarmizegethusa? Ulpia Traiana
What was the name of the Parthian capital conquered by Trajan? Ctesiphon
Which Roman emperor loved Greek art and philosophy? Hadrian
Who was the first emperor to build large scale frontier defenses? Hadrian
Who did Hadrian build a temple for? Jupiter Capitolinus
What was Latinum Maius? Greater Latinity (citizenship)
What philosophy did Hadrian follow? Stoic
Who did Pius increase penalties for? Masters who killed slaves
Pius built a wall around what modern day country? Scottland
What did Aurelius write during Marcommanic wars? Meditations
Who was Aurelius' tutor? Fronto
Who fought Vologeses III of Parthia under Aurelius? Lucius Verus
What set off the Second Marcommanic war? Aurelius violated temporary peace by attacking Quadi when also dealing with Moors
What camp did Aurelius build at Danube? Castra Regina
Who succeeded Aurelius? Son Commodus
Created by: ssew