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Korean reading 2

Korean vocab 한국어 읽기

넓다 1. [폭이] wide; broad ((road)); [면적이] large ((garden)); extensive; vast; spacious; expansive; commodious ((room)); roomy ((house)); open(널찍한).
-므로 [까닭으로] on account of; owing to; as; because (of); since. →−으므로.
개인적 [개개인의] individual; [사적인] private; [일신의] personal; [이기적인] self-centered.
갈다1 [바꾸다] renew; replace; change ((for a new one)); substitute ((B for A)); attach[fix] anew.
뒹굴다 roll[tumble] about; wallow.
눕다 lie down; lay oneself down; stretch oneself; fall prostrate; prostrate oneself; [누워 자다] go to bed; retire; turn in.
거실 [가족의] a sitting room; ((美)) a living room; ((英)) a parlor; [자기의] one's (private[own]) room.
공간 1. [시간에 대하여] space; the infinite.
갖다1 1. →가지다.
편안 [무사함] safety; security; getting along well; living in good health; [평온] peace; calm(ness); quiet(ness); tranquility; [안락] ease; easiness; comfort; careless freedom; carefreeness; [태평함]
꾸미다 5. [조직하다] make; compose; constitute; organize; form; establish; [건조하다] build; construct; [가정 따위를] keep ((house)); set up ((a house)); take up ((one's residence)).
듯하다 1. […같이 보이다] look (like); appear; seem; […이라고 생각되다] seem; it seems (to one) that; […할[일] 것 같다] be likely ((to)); probably; in all likeli
벽장 a (wall) closet; a built-in closet; a press; a wall-cupboard; a locker (자물쇠가 있는).
놓아두다 1. [두다] lay; put; [두어두다] leave; keep; deposit.
찾다 4. [방문하다] call ((on a person, at a person's house)); come[go round] to see; visit; pay[make] a visit to; pay one's respects ((to a person)); pay ((a person)) a call; look ((a person)) up; ((美)) visit with ((a person)).
탁자 a table; a desk. [→테이블, 책상(冊床)]
깔다 1. [깔개 따위를] spread; lay; stretch; put down.
양탄자 a rug; a (felt) carpet.
기구 a mechanism; machinery; [조직] a system; structure; organization; framework; a setup.
조명 illumination; lighting(무대의).
책꽂이 a bookstand; a bookrack; ((a pair of)) bookends; [책장] a bookshelf; a bookcase.
두다1 1. [놓다] put; place; set; emplace; position; ((口語)) park; deposit(일정한 장소에).
채우다3 1. [수량을] make good; make up for; stop; fill up; supply; cover.
가득,가뜩 full; fully; to the full; to capacity.
식탁 a (dining) table; a board; a dinner table; a mess table(함대의).
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