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Tributary a stream that flows into a larger stream
Watershed the land area that supplies water to a river system
Eutrophication the process by which nutrients in a lake build up over time,causing an increase in the growth of algae
Wetland an area of land that is covered with a shallow layer of water during some or all of the year
Water quality the degree of purity of water,determined by measuring the substances in water,besides water molecules
Water pollution the addition of any substance that has a negative effect on water or the living things that depends on the water
Point source a specific source of pollution that can be identified,such as a pipe
Non point source A widely spread source of pollution,such as road run off ,that is difficult to link to a specific point of origin
Pesticide A chemical intended to kill insects and other organisms that damage crops.
Estuary A coastal inlet or bay where fresh water mixes with salty ocean water
Sediment Small solid particles of material from rocks or organisms which are moved by water or wind,resulting in erosion and deposition
Conservation The process of using a resource wisely so it will not be used up
Recycling The process of reclaiming and reusing raw materials
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