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Scientific Processes

Accurate Correct; true
Aquarium A plastic or glass container filled with water, fish, and other aquatic animals
Beaker Cylinder shaped glass container used to mix or heat liquids
Calculator A device that performs math problems with numbers entered by hand
Microscope An instrument that uses a lens to make tiny things look larger
Chart A picture that uses symbols to represent data
Compass An instrument that shows direction North (N), South (S), East (E), and West (W)
Conclusion An explanation based on your observation or measurement
Conservation The wise use and protection of natural resources
Constant Not changing; the same
Data Information that can be collected during an experiment
Disposal Getting rid of; throwing away
Evidence Figures, numbers, data and logic that prove your claim
Graduated Cylinder A container used to measure the volume of a liquid
Graph A drawing that shows how two or more types of data are related
Hypothesis An educated guess about the outcome of an investigation that can be tested
Inference An explanation based on what you already know or what you have seen
Investigation The search for an answer to a question
Limitation What a model cannot be an exact representation of the object's size or detail
Metric System A system of weights and measures based on the meter and on the kilogram
Model A limited representation of an object used to help us understand its structure or how it works
Natural resource Materials in the environment that are useful to people
Prediction An idea about what the outcome of an investigation will be
Procedure A planned set of steps
Represent Stand in for, or symbolize
Spring Scale An instrument that measures Earth's gravitational pull on an object
Table Data represented in rows and columns
Terrarium A glass or plastic container in which plants grow
Trial A repeat of an observation or test
Variable A factor that can change in an experiment
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