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6th - Exploring LA

Unit Vocabulary Review (Chapters 4-6)

In crowded Mexican cities, many people become __________ who live on someone else's land without permission. squatters
__________ move from place to place, picking the crops that are in season. migrant farmworkers
Most of the land in Guatemala belongs to the __________, who are mestizos. ladinos
In Guatemala, most of the people are members of one of the 23 different Native American __________ ethnic groups
Many Mayas in Guatemala have started __________ to fight poverty and bring human rights to Mayas. political movements
Meetings, protests, and __________ are all methods that Mayans have used in Guatemala to defend their rights. strikes
The Panama Canal uses a series of __________ and canals to move boats through. locks
The construction of the __________ made it possible to travel from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean without having to travel around South America. Panama Canal
Until 1999, the US controlled a portion of Panama known as the __________ where they built military bases and stationed thousands of soldiers. Canal Zone
Fidel Castro took control of Cuba in 1959 and has been ruling as a _________ ever since. dictator
In a __________ country, the government owns all large businesses and most of the land. communist
Many Cuban __________ risk their lives to emigrate to the United States where they will have freedoms that are limited in their own country. exiles
Unlike in the 1960s and 1970s, only about 5% of Cubans are __________ and 95% are able to read and write. illiterate
The blend of African, French and West Indian traditions in Haiti gives them a __________ culture. Creole
Throughout the Caribbean, there are several different __________ of a variety of languages spoken. dialects
People who live in Puerto Rico are __________ of the United States. citizens
Puerto Rico is a __________ of the United States with its own government. commonwealth
Even with their own __________, Puerto Rico is still bound by many US laws. constitution
The __________ is the name for the top layer of the Brazilian Rain Forest canopy
One of the reasons that the rain forest is so important is that oxygen is made there through the process of _________. photosynthesis
The __________ in Peru is a high plateau located in the Andes. altiplano
The highest mountains in Peru are located in the __________, the mountains that run from northwest to southeast Peru. sierra
The __________ is made up of tropical rain forests on the lower slopes of the Andes Mountains in Peru. montaƱa
At the higher elevations in the Andes, much of the region is covered with __________ where no trees grow because the soil is always frozen. tundra
To prevent insects from destroying their crops, many farmers in Chile use __________. pesticides
During the 1970s, the price of oil went up and an oil __________ began in Venezuela. boom
__________ occurs when a government sells its industries to individuals or private companies. privatization
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