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Geography - Physical

Physical Geography Test Review

What is the significance of the Yangtze Rivers ? home of the 3 Gorges Dam
What is the significance of the Huang He River Yellow because of Silt > Fertile
What Climate Zones does China have? It is greatly affected by Latitude
Describe the trend in each of the China Regions Cold in the north and Moderate throughout
Name 3 positive characteristics of Gorges Dam Clean Energy, Flood control, Helps shipping
Name 3 Negative characteristics of Gorges Dam Ruin historical sites, Migration, alters ecosystem
How have people adapted to living on the ring of fire? earthquake resistant buildings?
Who is the founder of Confucianism? Confucius
What is the location of Confucianism? China
What is the belief of Confucianism? Filial Pleth and moral code
Who is the founder of Buddhism? Siddhartna Gratama
What is the location of Buddhism? South Asia
Where is Buddhism practiced? East Asia
What is Buddhism beliefs? 4 noble truths reincarnation , 8 fold
Who is the founder Daoism Laozi
What is the location of Daoism China
What is the belief of Daoism? Bond with nature/ Yin and Yang
What is the positive of Globalization? Increase standard of living in LDC's, and Cheaper products
What are the negatives of Globalization? Pandemics, Loss of Jobs, exploit workers
What are special Economic zones, why are they important? Areas of free market in China Increase foreign investment, grows Chinese Economy
Why was there a need for a one child policy in China? China's citizen was having too many babies and the size of their population was growing out of control creating an strain on resources (food)
How did it transform the population? Population growth is now slowing down.
How has population density affected life in Japan? Very crowded, build buildings up to be tall instead of wide.
What type of government does North Korea have? Dictatorship
What type of government does South Korea have? Democracy
What would it be like to live in North Korea? Terrible, Controlled and No freedom of speech
What would it be like to live in South Korea? Kind of like living in the USA
Created by: spotsville2