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6th - LA Chapter 6

Exploring South America

__________ occurs when a government sells its industries to individuals or private companies. privatization
During the 1970s, the price of oil went up and an oil __________ began in Venezuela. boom
To prevent insects from destroying their crops, many farmers in Chile use __________. pesticides
At the higher elevations in the Andes, much of the region is covered with __________ where no trees grow because the soil is always frozen. tundra
The __________ is made up of tropical rain forests on the lower slopes of the Andes Mountains in Peru. montaƱa
The highest mountains in Peru are located in the __________, the mountains that run from northwest to southeast Peru. sierra
The __________ in Peru is a high plateau located in the Andes. altiplano
One of the reasons that the rain forest is so important is that oxygen is made there through the process of _________. photosynthesis
The __________ is the name for the top layer of the Brazilian Rain Forest canopy
Rain forests are important because they contribute to the Earth's supply of... oxygen
The capital of Brazil was moved from the coast to the middle of the country because the government wanted to... develop the interior by attracting people to it
Most Quechua people living in the altiplano make a living by... farming and herding
Chile inspects all luggage brought into the country because... the country tries to protect its agricultural products
Because Chile is located in the Southern Hemisphere, its seasons... occur at the opposite time as those in the US
In the early 1980s, Venezuela was the richest country in Latin America because of vast supplies of... oil
When oil prices fell in the mid-1980s, Venezuela's economy.. suffered a decline
Most of the people of Brazil live... along the coasts
Hundreds of years ago, much of Peru was controlled by the empire of the... Incas
About a third of Brazil's farmland is... unused
Santiago, Chile's pollution problem is caused in part by its location... in the Andes
Most of Venezuela's population lives... in cities
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