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Dr. Cox Test 2.0


Quintus artem dicendi Romae didicit. Quintus learned the art of speaking in Rome. gerund
deinde Arthenas venit philosophiae studendi causa. Then he came to Athens for the sake of studying philosophy. gerund
diligenter studendo multa ibi didicit By studying diligently, he learned many things there. gerund
Athenis discessit ad militandum cum Bruto. He left Athens to serve in the military with Brutus. gerund
fortissimum se praebuit in hostibus resistendo. He proved himself to be very brave in resisting the enemy. gerund
Bruto mortuo ad Italiam rediit parentes quaerendi causa. With Brutus dead, he returned to Italy for the sake of looking for his parents. gerund
scriba aerarii a Marco factus, satis otii habebat carmina scribendo. Having been made secretary of the treasury by Marcus, he had enough leisure for writing poems. gerund
Octavianus inimicis ignoscendo omnes cives sibi conciliavit. Octavian by forgiving his enemies reconciled all the citizens to him. gerund
Pompeius Romam rediit veniam petendi causa. Pompeiius returned to Rome for the sake of seeking a pardon. gerund
Quintus omnes amicos convocavit ad Pompeii reditum celebrandum. Quintus called together all his friends in order to celebrate the return of Pompeiius. gerund
Created by: rmhead