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Dr. Cox Test 2.4


segetes Quinto magnae curae erant. The harvest was always a great care for Quintus. predicative dative
grandines (hailstones) nonnumquam uvis exitio fuerant. The hailstones were sometimes a cause of destruction to the grapes. predicative dative
fundus Quinto semer cordi erat. The farm was always dear to Quintus. predicative dative
Livia exemplo erat matronis Romanis. Livia was an example to Roman matrons. predicative dative
feminae dissolutae (licentious) ei odio erant. Loose women were hateful to her. predicative dative
Livia Augusto magno auxilio fuit. Livia was a great help to Augustus. predicative dative
nonne vis hunc canem emere? magno usui tibi erit. "Do you wish to buy this dog? He will be of great use to you." predicative dative
canem iam habeo qui mihi cordi est ovesque bene custodit. "I already have a dog who is dear to me and guards the sheep well." predicative dative
sed tuus canis infirmus est; sine dubio hic canis auxilio tibi erit. "But your dog is infirm; without a doubt, this dog will be a help to you." predicative dative
ille canis saevus esse mihi videtur; timeo ne exitio ovibus sit. "This dog seems to be savage to me; I fear he will be a cause of destruction to the sheep." predicative dative
Created by: rmhead