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Peds 3

Infectious Disorders

High temp, playful and alert, Hallmark sign is after 3 days, T falls and rash appears Roseola
Frequent complication of this is seizures. T likely to increase in 4 hours after pyretic Roseola
Low grade T and swollen lymph nodes. Rash on face that moves to extremities. Disappears on third day. German Measles (Rubella)
Having this during pregnancy can cause congenital malformations. Infected children should avoid pregnant women. German Measles (Rubella)
Coryza, photophobia, and Koplik's spots with this. Rash appears after four days, then turns brown. May be desquamation. Measles (Rubeola)
Coryza is a term for what? Acute rhinitis
With this, child has harsh cough and appears very ill. Measles (Rubeola)
Complications of this include PN, Otitis Media, Airway obstruction, and Acute encephalitis Measles (Rubeola)
With this, may return to school when rash crusts over Chicken Pox (Varicella)
Acyclovir can be used to treat _____ by shortening length of illness Chicken Pox (Varicella)
Temp may spike to 104-105. Rash mainly on trunk Chicken Pox (Varicella)
Happens in phases. Fever, malaise. Rash appears after one week, at which point this is no longer contagious. Erythema Infectiosum (Slap Face) (5th disease)
Rash from Erythema Infectiosum (Slap Face) (5th disease) can last how long? Up to 4 months
Rash from this proceeds outer to inner and fades inner to outer Erythema Infectiosum (Slap Face) (5th disease)
Isolate person with this from people who are immunocompromised and avoid pregnant women. TERATOGENIC. Erythema Infectiosum (Slap Face) (5th disease)
When may child with Erythema Infectiosum (Slap Face) (5th disease) return to school? When rash appears
Fever, HA, chewing aggravates. Swelling in front of war and above jawline Parotitis (Mumps)
No school for ____ days after onset of swelling with mumps 9
How to treat mumps soft foods or liquids, symptomatic treatment
Fever above 103 and can last. Can be fatal. Chills, HA, malaise, lymph enlargement. Infectious Mono
Enlarged spleen. Risk of spontaneous rupture. BEDREST!!! Infectious Mono
Encephalitis and meningitis can be complications of this Infectious Mono
Bedrest required during acute phase (7-10d). No sports if spleen enlarged Infectious Mono
Long periods of convalescence, up to ___ wks with illness. Interrupts school. Infectious Mono
Rash=______ No rash=_______ Scarlet Fever, strep throat
HA usually worst symptom. May have increased HR. Tonsils inflamed, large, beefy red. Rash occurs 12-48h after pharyngeal s/s. Scarlet Fever
Hallmark sign of this is strawberry tongue Scarlet Fever
Skin rash is red, pinpoint lesions. Lasts a week then desquamation. Scarlet Fever
Treatment for Scarlet Fever PCN 10d, soft or liquid diet
Complications include acute glomerulonephritis, rheumatic fever Scarlet Fever
Superficial skin infection. Lesions papulovesicular. Become purulent, ooze, honey colored crusts. Most common on face. Impetigo
Contact precautions until 24h after ATB treatment initiation Impetigo
Rheumatic fever and glomerulonephritis rare with this Impetigo
Forms gray membrane on nasopharynx. Toxins travel systemically (heart and CNS) Diptheria
Complications include myocarditis, severe neuritis with paralysis of diaphragm, pharyngeal and laryngeal muscles Diptheria
IV antitoxin, IV PCN or e-mycin to treat Diptheria
Complete bedrest CRUCIAL for this bacterial infection Diptheria
Droplet precautions until cultures negative Diptheria
Droplet precautions during this. Limited passive immunity. Produces thick, white mucous Pertussis/Whooping Cough
Complications include PN, atelectasis, emphysema, seizures Pertussis/Whooping Cough
Azithromycin or e-mycin used to treat this. Bedrest during acute phase. Droplet precautions. Pertussis/Whooping Cough
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