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5 Sci Ch 9

archerfish a spitting fish
barbule a tiny, threadlike part of a feather having tiny hooks which keep the barbs in place
bird of paradise the bird from New Guinea with brilliant plumage
candle to examine by holding up to a bright light
carapace the tough, protective covering of certain animals, such as the upper shell of turtles, armadillos, and crabs
chameleon a lizard that changes color to match its surroundings
constrict to squeeze
crocodile the most feared reptile
down a layer of small, fluffy feathers underneath the outer feathers of some birds
fang a long, hollow tooth of a poisonous snake that is used to inject poison
flounder a fish with two eyes on one side of its head; Ariel's friend
gila monster a poisonous lizard known by its black, pink, and yellow markings
gill the structure in fish that removes dissolved oxygen from the water
glass snake the legless lizard
hellbender one of the world's largest salamanders that never leaves the water
hornbill a bird that walls herself into her nest
hummingbird the bird that can fly backwards
Jacobson's organ a special scent organ located on teh roof of a snake's mouth
king cobra the largest poisonous snake
Komodo dragon the largest lizard
krait a poisonous snake that attacks at night
marine iguana a sea-loving lizard
metamorphosis a change in form
molt to shred the exoskeleton or outer layer of skin, scales, feathers, horns, or hair
ostrich the largest bird in all the world
peregrine falcon the bird with an air diving speed of 220 mph
pheasant a ground bird with short, rounded wings
preen to clean or straighten the feathers with the beak (said of birds)
ray a cartilaginous fish that looks like a stone
scute a tough layer of skin on a reptile
shoebill or whale-headed stork a bird often considered the most unusual-looking bird in the world
swim bladder an air-filled organ inside the body of most bony fish that allows them to stay afloat; sometimes called air bladder
tadpole the larvae of certain amphibians, such as frogs and toads
taipan a deadly Australian snake
venomous poisonous
Created by: Mrs_CC