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Pacific Island Chapter 6, 7, 8

Thread-like material Fiber
Important material Pacific cultures lacked Metal
A person's past family, like great-grandparents Ancestors
People eating the bodies of other people Cannabalism
Building material made of wood and grass or leaves Thatch
Most important food plant in the Pacific Coconut
The main tool of Pacific islanders Adze
Special events Ceremonies
Used to buy brides in Melanesia Pigs
Major food crops for Pacific Islanders Breadfruit, taro and coconuts
Some animals used by islanders for food Chickens, Pigs, Land Crabs, Fish
Used as a cutting edge for tools Bone, cllam shell and stones
From which plant were most islanders able to make rope? Coconut
Plant used by islanders to make clothes Banana, Hibiscus, and Pandanus
Plant used by islanders for weaving coconut, pandanus, other palms
The main weapon on most Pacific island war club
True of many Pacific buildings raised floors, high roof, made of thatch or bamboo
Used for fishing nets, traps, lines with shell or wooden hooks
Why were large families were useful to early islanders? Because sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, and grandparents (extended family) could all help each other and share what they had. They could help each other build houses and get food. They could help each other watch the children.
First European explorer to land at a Pacific island Magellan
The main reason European countries began exploring 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries was to find these new trade routes
Disease that became common for sailors because of long trips without vitamin C in their diet scurvy
First Pacific island to have contact with Europeans Guam
Considered the best of the European explorers Cook
This country's Manila Galleons sailed between Mexico and Philippines Spain
Country that did the most Pacific exploration before 1800 Britain
Problems facing European explorers old, rotten, small ships uneducated crews poor navigation methods
True facts about Cook good mapmaker good navigator tried to prevent scurvy among the crew
When a crew refuses to obey its captain and takes over it is called mutiny
Island settled, as a hiding place, by some of the Bounty mutineers Pitcairn
Was mutiny always punished by hanging? True
Did Captain Cook make 3 separate trips to the Pacific? True
Give several reasons why Europe began exploring. To trade for spices, silk, and other goods that came from India, China, Southeast Asia. To find new trade routes to Eastern Asia. Missionaries explored to have Pacific peoples become Christians. Some wanted to explore and learn more about the earth.
What usually happened when Europeans and islanders met? Why? Usually didn't each other, they spoke different languages. Had different customs. Islanders welcomed visitors and gave them what they needed. In return islanders thought they could take whatever they needed. Islanders and foreigners usually fought.
People who came to Pacific islands to have an easy life Beachcombers
People who came to teach the islanders about Christianity Missionaries
People who came to the islands to make money by buying and selling goods Traders
People who used the islands as rest stops and helped create towns and spread disease Whalers
People who bought islanders form the chief to use as workers Blackbirders
Big whaling towns in the Pacific Honolulu, Hawai`i and Papeete, Tahiti
How did money change island life? Islanders needed money to buy metal knives and cloth. Instead of farming and fishing to feed their families, they worked to earn money. They didn't need large families. They just needed money for themselves and their children.
How else did money change island life? Since chiefs got more money than anyone else, the people became angry with their chiefs. Money changed island culture.
Results of Western culture on customs and beliefs of Pacific island people (positive) Western people brought metal. No longer had wars and slavery. Stopped being cannibals and having human sacrifices. Islanders have more choices and advantages than before. People learned to read. Got an education. Learned more about the outside world.
Results of Western culture on customs and beliefs of Pacific island people (negative) Many good parts of island culture were lost or changed. Change in family, no longer had control in most cases. Money became important and old culture changed. More crime. Young people didn't respect their elders as much. People used more alcohol. M
Mandala comes from what language? Sanskrit language
Mandala means circle, essence container
Tibetan monks have to train for at least how many years? 3
Created by: MrsJM