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Ch.23 Middle Adult

Midlife Crisis Perspective on their own life. Fear of aging or getting old. May buy expensive things or act as younger person would. During this time past mistakes are recognized.
Cardiovascular System Changes Elasticity in blood vessels decreases and blood thickens. Heart disease, hypertension, CAD, stroke, high cholesterol / BP, myocardial infarctions.
Obesity Body mass index of 66 lbs or more and being over weight is greater than a BMI of 61 lbs for adult males and 61 for adult females
Constipation Low bulk-diet, changes in bowel habits; decreased frequency or passage of hard, drier stools and difficult defecation; primary contributor to colorectal cancer
Health Concerns Q! Heart disease (obesity and hypertension), CVA Stroke, cancer (colorectal and breast)
Health-Perception Health-Management Habits, risk-factors, self-destructive habits begin to show (cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption, over eating)
Alcohol More men drinkers than female drinkers; female alcoholics have a higher death rate than male alcoholics do. Average drinks per day (MODERATE) 1 for females and 2 for males.
Alcohol Abuse Motor vehicle accidents, liver problems, family issues, pancreatitis, fetal alcohol syndrome, larynx and oral cavity issues
Nutritional Metabolic Pattern Fewer calories, low-sodium diet. Cholesterol, fats, sodium, multivitamins
Chronic Disease Risk Increase; hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer. Increased with less education, low incomes, and ethnicity.
Elimination Pattern Fiber over laxatives. Constipation issues
Psychosocial Pattern Parents, stable job, children, preparing for retirement, hobbies, leisure time, values clarification
Sandwich Generation Taking care of parents and own children
General Body System Changes Q! hair loss, weight gain, loss of turgor and skins moisture, wrinkles, less strength, loss of subcutaneous fat, depression.
Middle Adult Ages 35-65 years
Activity Exercise Exercise 3-5 days a week for 30 min minimum. Less sodium, less calories Benefits; maintenance of chronic disease, increase in quality/expectancy of life.
Leading Causes Of Death Heart disease, cancer, accidents
Osteoporosis Bone issues. Low calcium, low body weight, age 55 & older, females, post menopausal, vitamin D, smoking. Weight bearing exercises help
Created by: nursekendall06