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Environmental Biology 324

Relative size of tiniest viruses 20 nm
Protein shell that encloses viral genome is known as... capsid
Discovered that infectious sap in the sack could reproduce... Martinus Beijefinck
Crystallize infectious particle... Wendell Sanley
main shapes of capsids: rod-shaped, polyhedral, T4 shape
Most complex capsids found among viruses are: bactereophages
Isolated viruses are merely... packaged sets of genes in transit from one cell to another
Virus ability a limited range of host is known as... Host Range
Viral nucleic acids can be made from: enzymes, ribosomes, tRNA, amino acids, ATP etc.
A phage reproductive cycle that culminates in death of the host cell: Lytic Cycle
A phage that reproduces only by a lytic cycle is a: virulent phage
If phage enters bacterial DNA it is recognized as foreign and cut up.. Restriction Enzymes or Endonucleases
If the phage is replicated without killing the host it is known as... Lysogenic Cycle
Phages marked as lambda, depicting both modes of reproduction are known as: Temperate Phages
Switch over from lysogenic to lytic cycle is triggered by... environmental signal, radiation, or chemicals
Viral envelope: glycoproteins that bind to specific receptor molecules on the surface of a host cell
RNA viruses with complex reproductive cycles are known as... retroviruses
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