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Sciece Redo

Science Redo

What is a plateau A large nearly level area of land that has been uplifted or elevated above the surrounding area
Rock Column A sequence of rocks that can be seen at six national parks
Formation A rock layer composed of more than one kind of rock, but the rocks can be recognized from one place to another
Differential Erosion Landforms shaped like steps or cliffs and slopes are formed with this process, A mountain or plateu is made out of both soft, weak rocks, harder more resistant rocks. The weather wear away faster leaving behind knobs and cliffs of more resistant rocks.
Name two sedimentary rocks and how it's formed Sandstone and Limestone Weathering and Erosion
Name two metamorphic rocks and how it's formed Marble and Gneiss Heat,Pressure, and erosion
Name two igneous rocks and how it's formed Granite and Basalt Melting and Solidification
Can the rock cycle go anyway even create a different form of it's self Yes
How was the Grand Canyon formed Erosion, Sub Deuteron, and Plate Tectonics
Name 5 places that are in the Colorado Plateau Canyonlands, Dinosaur, Mesa Verde, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Shiprock Peak, Canyon de Chelly, and Capitol Reef
What rocks are most often found in the plateau's of the Grand Canyon Sandstone, limestone, and shale
Created by: Mhobbs8343