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Canada & Caribbean

climate elevation + latitude + average temperature + wind patterns + precipitation
permafrost soil that never thaws
tundra has long lasting freezing temperatures and ground
tundra vegetation is moss and low shrubs
St. Lawrence Seaway canals & locks connecting Great Lakes to Atlantic Ocean
Grand Banks rich fishing; off coast of Newfoundland & Labrador
compromise resolving conflicts by agreeing to common ideas
First Nations indigenous Canadian peoples; south of Arctic region
Inuit native Canadian peoples; northern Arctic region
Northwest Passage European explores hoped to find this route from Europe-Asia
New World trade American Indian furs for wool cloth & metal goods
province territory under the control of a country
isthmus narrow strip of land connecting two larger areas of land; Panama
West Indies the Caribbean region
cash crop crops grown to be sold rather than consumed by farmer locally
cash crop usually has a large harvest; sugar cane, coffee, cotton, tobacco
tourism providing visitors a place to stay, to eat and activities
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