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4th 9 weeks test

major an area of study in which a post-secondary student receives a degree
minor a supporting area of study you choose
associate degree a degree earned upon completion of a program that usually requires the equivalent of two or more years of full-time study
bachelors degree a degree title issued by a college or university to a person who has completed undergraduate studies
increase the effect of time on interest increases or decreases the total amount
student loan a ____ is money you borrow for your post-secondary education
grace period the time period after graduating or leaving before you must begin paying back student loans
grant money that you do not have to repay. This money is typically provided by the federal government
scholarship money you do not have to repay. It is based on academic acheievement
resume a summary of your qualification and experience for a particular job
career a ____ encompasses all of your life's work
6 there are __ career fields
16 there are __ career clusters
passion something you feel very strongly about
values qualities that are most important in your life
personality traits ____ are adjectives used to describe you
strenghts ____ are strong points in your personality
roles ____ are the different parts you play in your life
occupation ____ is work you do for pay
vocation a ____ is recreational activities or hobbies you might turn into a job career
skill a ____ is a learned ability
aptitude a ____ is a naturally ability or talent
both out of principal, teacher, or both which job would be most reflective of the Career Cluster: Education and Training?
extrinsic rewards a career that rewards you with money and status offers a person ____
intrinsic rewards a career that helps others but does not have a large paycheck offers a person ____
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