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Antigone Vocabulary

Antigone vocabulary of all the words

to smite slice, cut, slash, chop
Noose gag,die,squeeze
Wretches unprivileged underdog
to contend compete, vie, challenge
to clang clank, sound, reverberate
Onslaught assault, onset, attempt, offense
to marshal assemble, line up, organize
oblivion forgetfulness, nothingness, stupor
fratricidal the killing of a brother
erstwhile previous, last, former
to mangle crush, mash, contort, twist
to prevail triumph, succeed, overcome
to revere admire, respect, be in awe of, worship
to deviate diverge, move away, stray, depart
to babble jabber, talk nonsense
culprit offender, criminal, guilty party
to quibble equivocate, nitpick
to devise plan, work out, create
to reproach criticize, censure, admonish, reprimand
to perplex bewilder, confuse, confound, baffle
Libations drink, gift, offering, sacrifice
insolence impudence, disrespect, rudeness, impunity
to nurture care for, rear, foster
to blight stain, scar, pollute
Viper snake
to transgress misbehave, disobey, sin
Concubine courtesan, kept woman, mistress
Anarchists rebel, revolutionary, terrorist
to revile insult, abuse, scorn, condemn
to be devoid of lacking, without, empty, free of
to ward off protect/defend against, defray, fight off
coadjutor co-worker, assistant
promontory outcrop, cape, peninsula
impiety sin, irreverence, wickedness
pious devout, religious, virtuous
primeval primordial, prehistoric, ancient
aphorism saying, maxim, adage
to reproach reprimand, accuse, rebuke
Static constant, fixed, immobile, rigid
to bode augur, portent, promise
suppliant one who pleads, beseeches, begs, or petitions hilt
to exonerate clear, absolve, acquit
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