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Module 12

한국 전통음식점 Traditional Korean Restaurant
한국 음식: Korean Food
한국음식 먹기 Eating Korean Food
한국 음식을 좋아 하세요 Do you like Korean Food
먹다 To eat
좋다 It's good
좋아하세요 Do you like
먹었어요 Did you eat
그런데 But
별로 Particularly
안 좋아해요 I don't like something
너무 So, very
언제 Sometime
한번 One time
갈까요 Shall we go
그래요 Sure, let's do that
어서 오세요 Welcome
몇 분이세요 How many are in your party
How many
몇 분 How many people (formal)
몇 사람 How many people (informal)
두 명이에요 two people
잠시만 기다려주세요 Please wait a moment
잠시만 In a few minutes
기다려주세요 Please wait
지금 Now
자리 Seat
없어요 There is nothing
있어요 There is
오늘 Today
손님 Guest
삼십분 정도 Thirty minutes or so
다음에 Next time
올게요 Will come back
Created by: judit4424