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Music Theory grade 8


a tempo Return to original tempo
adagio a slow tempo (between andante and largo)
alla, all' in the manner of
allargando, allarg. broadening, becoming slower
allegretto fairly fast (a little slower than allegro)
allegro fast
andante moderately slow; at a walking pace
andantino a little faster than andante
arco for stringed instruments: resume bowing after a pizzicato passage
assai much, very much
attacca proceed without a break
ben, benne well
bewegt agitated, excited
calando becoming slower and softer
cluster chord consisting of a combination of at least three adjacent notes of any scale
col, coll', colla, colle with
comodo, commodo at a comfortable, easy tempo
con moto with movement
con sordino with mute
da capo. D.C. from the beginning
da capo al Fine, D.C. al Fine repeat from the beginning and end at Fine
dal segno, D. S. from the sign
dolente sad
e, ed and
fermata pause; hold note or rest longer than written value
fortepiano, fp loud, then suddenly soft
fortissimo, ff very loud
giocoso humorous, joyful
grave slow and solemn
langsam slow
largamente broadly
larghetto not as slow as largo
largo very slow and broad
legato smooth
leggiero light, nimble, quick
l'istesso tempo the same tempo
loco return to normal register
ma but (for example, ma non troppo: but not too much)
mano destra, M.D. right hand
mano sinistra, M.S. left hand
martellato strongly accented, hammered
massig moderate, moderately
meno less
meno messo less movement, slower
mesto sad, mournful
mit with
mit Ausdruck with expression
M.M. metronome marking
molto much, very
morendo dying, fading away
mouvement tempo, motion
piu more
piu mosso more movement, quicker
pizzicato for stringed instruments, pluck the string instead of bowing
poco little
polychord combination of two or more different chords
prestissimo as fast as possible
presto very fast
prima, primo first, the upper part of a duet
prima volta first time
quartal chord chord built on a series of 4ths
quindicesima alta (15ma) two octaves higher
quasi almost, as if
resoluto resolute
rubato a flexible tempo using slight variations of speed to enhance musical expression
scherzando playful
schnell fast
seconda, secondo second time
sehr very
semplice simple
sempre always, continuously
senza without
sforzando, sf, sfz a sudden strong accent of a single note or chord
simile continue in the same manner as indicated
sonore sonorous
sopra above
sostenuto sustained
sotto voce softly, subdued, under the breath
stringendo pressing, becoming faster
subito suddenly
tacet be silent
tenuto held, sustained
tre corde three strings, release the left piano pedal
volta time
volti subito, v.s. turn the page quickly
troppo too much
tutti a passage for the entire ensemble
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