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Reading test

Mythology Classic stories that attempt to answer questions about human, nature, The world, and nature, or social customs
Point of view The narrator's position in relation to the story being told
Central idea The element of the story which ties together all of the other elements of tension used by the author
Theme A moral or lesson about life that a reader can take with them
Foreshadowing When writers build excitement and curiosity by providing a hint about what might happen later in a story
Emotional Appeal A message that creates strong feeling to make a point, such as anger, pity, sympathy, or even fear
Appeal to Authority an attempt to persuade an audience by using experts on subjects as a part of the argument
Logical Appeal Relies on logic, reasoning, and facts to are an argument. Tries to show how something just makes sense.
Loaded launguage Consists of words with strongly positive or negative connotations.
Ethical appeal A claim is linked to a widely accepted value in order to gain moral support. ( The right thing to do.)
Created by: LaxyLucy7