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Cherrywood- WEATHER

Weather describes the conditions in the atmosphere at a given place for a short period of time.
Causes weather weather is caused by uneven heating of the Earth by the Sun’s rays
Troposphere the lowest layer of the Earth’s atmosphere were most of the weather occurs.
air temperature the amount of heat energy in the atmosphere at a place.
air pressure is the amount of force exerted by air hitting a given surface area
Humidity the amount of water vapor in the air
wind Speed the rate of moving air
wind direction the direction that the wind blows from
precipitation failing moisture from clouds (rain, snow, sleet and hail)
station model scientist communicate weather in different locations using this
barometer instrument used to measure air pressure units milibars
anemometer instrument used to measure wind speeds units knots or miles per hour
wind horizontal movement of air which is caused by differences in air pressure
coriolis effect wind appears to curve to the right in the northern hemisphere and is caused by Earth’s rotation.
dew point the temperature at which water vapor condenses out of the air because the air is saturated
cloud formation when the air is cooled to the dew point and water condenses into tiny water droplets or ice crystals. In order for water vapor to condense it must have dust or ice to provide a surface
cumulonimbus tall dark thunderstorms Clouds
field map a region of space that has a measurable quantity or value at every point the meteorologist then connect points with the same values
isobar lines of equal air pressure
air mass air with generally uniform characteristics
front the boundary ( on the ground) between two air masses
maritime polar cold moist formed over cold water
maritime tropical warm moist formed over warm water
continental Arctic dry frigid formed over land that is cold and very north
continental polar cold dry formed over land that is cold and north
continental tropical warm dry formed over land in the south west US
cold front the ground location were a cold air mass advances against a warmer air mass , the cold air mass is more dense so it forces the warm air up rapidly and condensation takes places and leads to heavy rain and or thunderstorms.
warm front where the warm air mass pushed up and over a cold air mass. Warm air goes over gradually because it is less dense. The warm air rises and expands and cools resulting in widespread precipitation
cyclone any inward and counterclockwise air circulation around a low pressure center
hurricane any huge cyclonic storm LOW PRESSURE System that forms in the summer over warm ocean water . Winds speed over 74 miles per hour causes coastal flooding and damaging winds
Created by: lockwoodscience