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Procainamide class Antidysrrhythmic
Pharmacology and actions. 1.Antidysrhythmic, regarded as a cardiac depressant.2.Suppresses Phase 4 conduction through the perkinje fibers, decreasing automaticity of ectopic pacemakers.3.Suppresses re-entry dysrhythmias by slowing conduction velocity.
Indications 1.PSVT (after Adenosine and Vagal maneuvers, if stable).2.Stable wide complex tachycardias of unknown origin.3. A-fib with rapid rate4. WPW syndrome5. Pulsing or pulseless V-tach or V-fib
Contraindications; 1.Second or third degree AV block2.Digitalis toxicity3.Torsades de Pointes4.TCA overdose
Precautions and side effects; 1.Use caution with MI, CHF, hepatic or renal dysfunction.2.Hypotension in Pt’s with impaired left vent function.3.May cause Arrhythmias in presensence of AMI,Hypokalemia, or Hypomagnesemia.4.Use caution with other drugs that prolong QT interval such
Dosage; 1.WPW, Pulsing v-tach, PSVT: 20mg/min.2.Pulseless Vtach, Vfib: 20mg/min, or 100mg @ 5min intervals.3. Maintenance infusion 1-4mg/min.4. Max dose 17mg/kg or until one of the followinga. Arrhythmia suppressionb.Hypotensionc.QRS widened by 50%
Created by: shonnc