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Latin verbs-Cap X

Latin verbs from Chapter 10 for latin 100 -Quia quiz

wild ferus -a –um
to take, catch, capture capiō, capere, cēpī, captus
terrified perterritus -a –um
to give birth to, lay pariō, parere, peperī, partus
to breathe spīrō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus
to fly volō, volāre, volāvī, volātus
to support, sustain, endure sustineō, sustinēre, sustinuī, sustentus
to dare, venture (irregular) audeō, audēre, ausus sum
Dead mortuus -a -um
to hide occultō, occultāre, occultāvī, occultātus
thick, fat crassus -a –um
to sing(of), crow, play canō, canere, cecinī, cantus
to live, be alive vīvō, vīvere, vīxī, vīctus
to make, do, cause faciō, facere, fēcī, factus
to move moveō, movēre, mōvī, mōtus
to want, be willing volō, velle, voluī
to be able to, can (3 parts only) possum, posse, potuī
to play lūdō, lūdere, lūsī, lūsus
to swim natō, natāre, natāvī, natātus
to climb, go up, mount ascendō, ascendere, ascendī, ascēnsus
to fall cadō, cadere, cecidī, casūrus
thin tenuis, e
living, alive vīvus -a –um
Created by: akikoandpoog