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Dextrose drug sheet


Dextrose class Carbohydrate
Dextrose Pharm/Actions 1. Glucose is the bodies basic sugar fuel for energy and metabolism,2. quickly elevates blood glucose levels - very important to prevent brain injury from prolongs hypoglycemia,3. Onset of action - immediate
Dextrose Indications; 1. blood sugar <80mg/Dl AND decreased sstatus 2. Any illness or altered mental status in a known diabetic which might be caused by hypoglycemia 3. Pt's with active seizure and a blood sugar <80 4.Coma of unknown etiology if blood sugar reading not availab
Dextrose Contra indications; Evolving CVA
Dextrose Precautions/ side effects 1. Use largest vein available, Aspirate at least 3 times to ensue Patency of line,2. Extravation of dextrose will cause necrosis,3. Do not draw blood for BS testing proximal to IV containing dextrose,4. Thiamine should be administered to alcoholic Pt'
Dextrose Dosage Adult; 25g of 50% solution IVP for Hyperkalemia, blood sugar less than 80, and to pretreat crush injury,q 5min prn
Dextrose Dosage Peds ; .5g/kg of 25% dextrose if blood sugar less than 70, q 5 min per BS reading; D25 made by replaceing 25cc's of D50 with 25cc's NS
Dextrose Neonates ; .5g/kg of 10% solution if BS <45. **** D10 made by emptyingf 40cc's of D50 and refill with NS
Created by: shonnc