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What country was Franz Schubert from? Austria
What country was Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel from? Germany
What country was Felix Mendelssohn from? Germany
What country was Robert Schumann from? Germany
What country was Frederic Chopin from? Poland
What country was Franz Liszt from? Hungary
What country was Hector Berlioz from? France
What country was Johannes Brahms from? Germany
What country was Georges Bizet from? France
What country was Gioachino Rossini from? Italy
What country was Richard Wagner from? Germany
What country was Peter Tchaikovsky from? Russia
What country was Giuseppe Verdi from? Italy
Which composers were from Germany? Schumann, Brahms, Wagner, Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel, Felix Mendelssohn
Which composers were from Italy? Verdi, Rossini
Which composers were from France? Berlioz, Bizet
Which composer advanced the art song and composed "The Elf King?" Franz Schubert
Which composer was one of the first great conductors and wrote "Wedding March?" Felix Mendelssohn
Which composer was famous for his song cycles, one of which is named "Fantasy Pieces?" Robert Schumann
Which composer was an extraordinary pianist and wrote all piano music? Compositions include Prelude in E minor, Nocturne and Polonaise? Frederic Chopin
Which composer created the symphonic poem and is famous for his Hungarian Rhapsodies? Franz Liszt
Which composer was the leader of the realist movement and program music? He wrote Symphonie Fantastique. Hector Berlioz
Which composer was a German idealist whose Hungarian Dances were used by Looney Toons in their 3 Little Pigs segment? Johannes Brahms
Which composer used orchestration to enhance the dramatic effect? He wrote the opera Carmen, which was influenced by Spanish melodies. Georges Bizet
Which composer used instruments to support the singers and wrote the operas "The Barber of Seville" and "William Tell?" Gioachino Rossini
Which composer created the music drama and special staging devices? He wrote "Lohengrin" and "The Bridal Chorus." Richard Wagner
Which composer was the leading opera composer in Italy, writing "La Traviata" and "Aida?" Giuseppe Verdi
What was the supreme instrument during the Romantic Period? piano
What were the 4 sociocultural influences on music in the Romantic Period? Revolutionary spirit (liberty & individualism from French & American Revolutions), Industrial Revolution, Development of the business of music, Nationalism
What is a pedagogical study used to teach music? etude
What is the lavish French opera with ballets and pageantry? Grand Opera
What is a fixed idea that uses the same melody throughout a song to unify it? idée fixe
What is a musical motive associated with some person, thing, idea or symbol in a drama? Leitmotif
What is a romantic poem set to music? Lieder
What was the new name for an opera that Wagner invented? Music drama
What was the name of the serious Italian opera based on a literary source? Opera seria
What is music that tells a story using idee fixes? program music
What is a series of short songs connected by some thread of plot; unified with a story or returning musical idea? Song cycle
What is a single movement orchestral work based on a program idea? Symphonic Poem
What were evening gatherings of Schubert and his friends where he played his music for them? Schubertiades
Who did Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel often consult about her compositions? Her brother, Felix
Felix Mendelssohn dedicated himself to reviving the works of which great Baroque composer? Bach
What was the name of the collection of 43 pieces Schumann wrote for his children? Album for the Young
What changes were made to the piano during the Romantic period? Larger range, perfected damper pedals
Why were changes made to the piano? to allow composers to better express their feelings
What composer wrote "The Nutcracker" and "1812 Overture?" Tchaikovsky
What composition includes cannons going off at the end? 1812 Overture
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